HAMIDASYSTEM release dark and atmospheric MV for ‘Semi no Koe’

Alt Idol unit HAMIDASYSTEM just released the Music Video for “Semi no Koe“, leading track of their upcoming first single “DERO” set to be released on October 7th.

Compared to the unit’s previous releases, “Semi no Koe” is a track that clearly tries to define the sound and personality of HAMIDASYSTEM, and it succeeds with a audiovisual output that’s intriguing and well crafted. The track follows a variable structure, exposing a generally obscure and atmospheric vibe that gets twisted with a few unexpected breakdowns and tempo changes, leading to a final segment that highlights the vocal performance of the members; it’s a mix of melodic Rock and very subtle Electronic layers that creates a soundscape that’s ever changing, yet consistent.  The video seconds the atmosphere summoned by the track, with a generally dark palette and shots mostly taken in a forest and a cemetery.

Be sure to watch HAMIDASYSTEM‘s MV for “Semi no Koe” down here, and let us know what you think about it in the comments.