helps you get the best husband in their new song, “Kirameku risou, yama to naru.”

Electro-rap duo has teamed up with health and beauty care company LION to promote their toothbrush “Systema Arch Fit” in a campaign called “Konkatsu Joshi Fit PROJECT”. This campaing tries to prepare women who are searching for a couple both mentally (thanks to’s positive music) and physically (thanks to their toothbrush). Marriage hunting is surely a tiresome activity once you have been disappointed countless times, but have you tried brushing your teeth?

With that in mind, has written this new song, “Kirameku risou, yama to naru.”, as a marriage hunting hymn to cheer up women who are looking for a partner in this way, reflecting that even though there will be loads of unfortunate situations and no-good men, you must not lose hope and keep on searching, though no info about digital nor physical release of this song have been given yet. The MV features two women and two men assisting to an arranged marriage hunting date that quickly turns savage, but thanks god there’s a referee with the situation under his control. Check the MV just after the jump!