BUMP OF CHICKEN reveal Hikigatari version of New Song “Nagareboshi no Shoutai”

Back in March we reported that popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN would be releasing a new studio album on July 10th. As a bit of early promo, the group have chosen to publish the Hikigatari audio of new song “Nagareboshi no Shoutai” to their YouTube channel.

The first verse and chorus of “Nagareboshi no Shoutai” were originally shared in a similarly acoustic form back in January of 2017. It is uncertain if the audio posted this week represents the song’s full version or merely another additional section.

You’ll find this special handwritten lyric video below, and visit the band’s Instagram page to find footage of vocalist Motoo Fujiwara performing a section of the track on his guitar.

(via natalie)