Airi Suzuki returns with “Let The Show Begin”

Former C-ute member Airi Suzuki is back with a brand new MV! This time for her digital single “Let The Show Begin“. The timing for this MV is quite good, considering Suzuki currently has a big hit thanks to her collaboration with Masayuki Suzuki “DADDY! DADDY! DO!”.

For this MV Suzuki collaborated with Samsung, specifically utilizing technology from their SSD chip. The MV for “Let The Show Begin” resembles a Broadway production, with Suzuki playing a variety of roles including an office worker, sexy showgirl, hair dresser, and florist Check out the full lively MV below!

“Let The Show Begin” can be streamed worldwide now on all your favorite platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Behind scenes footage with how the MV was created can be seen on Samsung SSD’s official YouTube channel, promoting their “Boost Your Creativity” campaign.