Yun*chi reveals cover + details for new single “Lucky Girl*”!

The cover and tracklist information for Yun*chi’s upcoming single “Lucky Girl*” have been revealed. The singer will be providing her first opening theme to anime Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life on July 15th. With art direction by Yuni Yoshida, Yun*chi portrays “a girl who grants luck” with a mature air and a lighthearted twist in the form of the red lipstick applied by her index finger. Check out the rest of the details below, as well as info about an upcoming live stream!


  1. Lucky Girl* – lyrics: Kawamura Yuki / music: ☆Taku Takahashi & Tachytelic®
  2. QLL* (pronounced “kyururu”) – lyrics: meg rock / music: Tomggg
  3. Wonderful Wonder World* (Carpainter Remix)
  4. Lucky Girl* (instrumental)
  5. QLL* (instrumental)

“Lucky Girl*” will be aired on the radio program mu-comi+plus on June 16th. Additionally, Yun*chi will be part of the lineup for the event NEON which will be streamed live on 2.5D! Other artists include Cupitron, Sakamoto Kyouju, and The Aprils. The live will take place on June 21st starting at 18:00 JST. Check the NEON page for more information.

Special Thanks to: loveyunchi, a fan-made Tumblr dedicated to Yun*chi.