Yun*chi releases album details, to perform in NYC in August!

Following its announcement, details on Yun*chi‘s second album Pixie Dust* have finally been revealed, including the tracklist, cover, and artist promotional picture (above). It was also announced that the anime chanteuse herself will be making a trip to New York City on August 29th to perform at the Japanese cultural convention Waku Waku NYC alongside ☆Taku Takahashi of m-flo fame. Check out the details below the jump!


  1. Lucky Girl*
  2. Fairy*
  3. Doki Doki*
  5. MIRAI*
  6. Jelly*
  7. QLL*
  8. Kamo*
  9. Starlight*
  10. nan-nano*
  11. gomenne*
  12. Wonderful Wonder World*

Production credits on the new tracks are not yet available. The cover art was done by Yun*chi’s main art director, Yoshida Yuni, with the idea of depicting her as “becoming a shining star made from an accumulation of stardust.” Pixie Dust* goes on sale September 9th.

In lieu of the album’s release, Yun*chi will make an appearance at Waku Waku NYC with the following schedule:

“Opening Song”
Mini-Concert #101
8.29.2015 10:00am-10:15am
Location: Brooklyn Expo Main Stage

Autographs #201
8.29.2015 10:30am-11:30am 60 mins
Location: Brooklyn Expo Autographs

“Waku Waku Finale”
Music Concert #4001
8.30.2015 Starts 6:00pm
Location: Brooklyn Bowl
$8 Admission with Waku Waku +NYC Ticket

Tickets can be bought here, and more information can be found via the festival’s official site.