Watch the short ver. of Perfume’s “Let Me Know” MV

Girl group Perfume have dropped the short ver. MV for “Let Me Know“.

“Let Me Know” is one of the lead promotional songs for their upcoming studio album titled “Future Pop”. When “Let Me Know” originally made it’s debut on Perfume’s radio show, it was met with mixed reactions from their fanbase.

The video takes place on a bus with members A-chan and Nocchi sitting apart, longingly staring out the window. Shortly after they are joined by Kashiyuka who decides to stand.

Nocchi has a bag of apples and one of them accidentally falls and rolls towards Kashiyuka’s feet, an awkward stare-down ensues. Kashiyuka takes a seat beside A-chan, and the bus suddenly starts to shake.

A mysterious light shines through a hole in a bus causing the girls to dance, A-chan then repairs the hole and they’re joined on the bus by faceless men and a little girl. The visuals are somewhat reminiscent of an animated film.

“Future Pop” will be released on August 15th.