Tomomi Itano discovers hashtags for new single “#Ii ne!”

Tomomi “The Voice” Itano is currently preparing for the release of her ninth single “#Ii ne!”. Taking a break from her usual clubby dance tracks, “#Ii ne!” is a cute upbeat pop song perfect for the Spring season. A low quality radio preview of the song can be heard here

“Ii ne!” will be released in three different versions. Limited edition type A will include a DVD with a music video and making-of, while limited edition B will come with a photobook. The regular edition will include two unnamed b-sides in total, the tracklist hasn’t been finalized yet. Just like the song, the covers of the new single also feature a much more “toned down” Tomomi. For these the covers she opted for a much more cute and natural look, the greenery in the background adds to that feel.

“Ii ne!” will be released on May 17th, 2017. Check out the covers below.

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B