Sumika to Release New Album “For.”

On September 21, sumika will release their 4th full-length album “For.” A teaser for the album has been released on their official youtube channel. 

The album will have a total of 14 songs and will be released in three editions: limited edition A, limited edition B, and regular edition. Limited edition A’s blu-ray disc will contain footage from special live concert LittleCrown 2022 and a booklet with interviews. Limited edition B’s blu-ray disc will contain footage from the tour FANCLUB LIVE TOUR 2022. 

The jackets have different designs for all three versions. Limited edition A’s jacket is an illustration drawn by Keita Kurihara. Limited edition B has a photograph of actress Aju Makita that was taken by Hideaki Hamada. And the regular edition is an illustration drawn by YUH TAKUNO who also provided the artwork for Sumika’s song “Jasmine” in 2021.

Check out more information on sumika’s new album below!

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Regular Edition

Check out the album teaser on YouTube