SPYAIR will not disband

It was previously announced that rock band SPYAIR would put their activities on hold back in May mid-tour, cancelling the remaining dates. Soon after, lead vocalist IKE suddenly tweeted he would be leaving the band.

Today, their Official Website has announced they will be resuming activities immediately and declared the band will not dissolve any time in the near future.

According to the announcement, IKE was diagnosed with acute chorditis and a vocal chord polyp and underwent surgery to remove them. Since his voice is his bread and butter, the unknown future of his vocal chords probably led to his swift notice to consider leaving the band.

IKE, now completing vocal rehabilitation, apologizes for the trouble he has caused, stating he wants to continue working with the same enthusiasm and feelings he did when he began his music career.

The group also posted a previously unreleased song ‘GLORY’ that they recorded earlier this year.

(via Natalie)