SixTONES and Snow Man release music videos for debut songs “Imitation Rain” / “D.D.”

SixTONES and Snow Man are gifting their fans on Christmas day with a release of their debut songs’ music videos on their own official Youtube channel! For the first time, Johnnys is debuting two groups simultaneously. The joint debut single will be released on January 22, despite the groups being under different record labels. SixTONES will debut under Sony Music while Snow Man under avex.

SixTONES debut song “Imitation Rain” is written and composed by X Japan’s YOSHIKI. “Imitation Rain” is described as an intense song which incorporates a tender and beautiful “YOSHIKI melody”.

Snow Man’s debut song “D.D.” or Dancing Dynamite highlights the groups acrobatic and dance skills.

Check out the music videos below.