Sayumi Michishige shows off her cool & kawaii style in “Loneliness Tokyo” MV

Former Morning Musume member Sayumi Michishige has released the full MV for her song “Loneliness Tokyo“!

“Loneliness Tokyo” is an original song created for Michishinge’s performance piece “SAYUMINGLANDOLL“. Michishige teamed up with Hello!Project’s former head honcho Tsunku, who provided the song writing and composition.

“SAYUMINGLANDOLL” originally began upon Michishige’s comeback to the entertainment industry, performances started in March 2017. It’s described as an “original performance”, not a concert, musical, or dinner show. Technically it’s kind of all three combined into one. On November 7th a blu-ray for “”SAYUMINGLANDOLL ~ Fate ~” will be released.

The third series of “SAYUMINGLANDOLL” will begin on October 21st, a soundtrack will also be released on December 5th. Check out for the full MV for “Loneliness Tokyo” below!