Sandaime J Soul Brothers Is Winning the Battle of the Boybands

The Japan Times recently started its series of year end articles on the current music scene. Last week, Patrick St. Michel wrote about Namie Amuro’s dominance among female soloists. This week, my article was released. After much thinking, I decided to go with Sandaime J Soul Brothers. They had a really great year this year.

To figure out why this year was so good for the group, you have to go back to 2014. Two days before the new year began, Sandaime J Soul Brothers won the Japan Record Award for their monster hit “R.Y.U.S.E.I.” That song continued to be a hit well into¬†2015.

When Sandaime J Soul Brothers¬†released their album, “Planet Seven”, in January, it too proved to be a smash. It sold more than half a million copies in its first week. It ended up being the best selling album of the year until a few weeks ago when it was surpassed by Arashi’s “Japonism.”

Arashi and Sandaime J Soul Brothers having the 2 biggest albums of the year is an example of a battle currently going on in the Japanese music world. There are the more traditional idols, represented by the likes of the Johnny’s and the 48s, and then there are the more contemporary idol alternatives of LDH. LDH acts are seen as more talented than their idol counterparts. There is a similarity between the LDH acts and the acts of the KPop boom that peaked in Japan a few years ago before having a massive downturn. Essentially, LDH has replaced the Korean faces of the Hallyu Wave with Japanese ones, making it more palatable for the domestic audience.

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