Sakanaction unveil the track list for their upcoming Compilation Album “Sakanazukan”

Earlier this month we reported that electronic rock band Sakanaction would be releasing their first best album, “Sakanazukan“, on March 28th.  The group have now revealed all of the details about this release, including both its track list and the contents of its Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray disc.

The compilation has been organized into a series of 3 different discs:  “Asase (‘Shallows’)”, “Chuusou (‘Medium Depth’)”, and “Shinkai (‘Deep Sea’)”.  The Shinkai disc, which will only be included with the Limited Production Premium Box, will include those tracks which the band members find to be most emblematic of their sonic identity, as well as a special binaural field recording of their song “Good-Bye” as a bonus track.

Read on below to find not only the complete track list for “Sakanazukan”, but also a preview of the group’s new song “Kagerou”, which will be used as the theme song for the upcoming film “Donten ni Warau”.

-’Sakanazukan’ Track List-

  • Disc 1 -Asase-
  1. Shin Takarajima
  2. Yoru no Odoriko
  3. Aoi
  4. Rookie
  5. Identity
  6. Light Dance
  7. Sen to Rei
  8. Boku to Hana
  9. “Bach no Senritsu wo Yoru ni Kiita Sei Desu.”
  10. Music
  11. Monochrome Tokyo
  12. Klee
  13. Omotesandou 26-ji
  14. Aruku Around
  15. Adventure
  16. Night Fishing Is Good
  17. Kagerou -movie version-
  • Disc 2 -Chuusou-
  1. Word
  2. Mikazuki Sunset
  3. Native Dancer
  4. Holy Dance
  5. Nantettatte Haru
  6. Sample
  7. Shiranami Top Water
  8. Yoru no Higashigawa
  9. Slow Motion
  10. Namida Delight
  11. Ashita Kara
  12. Kamen no Machi
  13. endless
  14. years
  15. Boyle
  16. Document
  17. Me ga Aku Aiiro
  • Disc 3 -Shinkai- (Limited Production Premium Box Only)
  1. Shio
  2. YES NO
  3. Teenage
  4. Ame(A)
  5. Fukurou
  6. enough
  7. mellow
  8. Eiga
  9. multiple exposure
  10. Neptunes
  11. Shiirakansu to Boku
  12. Kaika
  13. Arms Fish
  14. Asa no Uta
  15. Good-Bye -binaural field recording- (Bonus Track)
  • DVD/Blu-ray -SAKANAQUARIUM ARCHIVE- (Limited Editions Only)
  1. Adventure (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2009 “Shinshiro”)
  2. Native Dancer (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2009 “Shinshiro”)
  3. 21.1 (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2010 -C-)
  4. Ashita Kara (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2010 -C-)
  5. Omotesandou 26-ji (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2010 -C-)
  6. Me ga Aku Aiiro (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2010 -C-)
  7. Light Dance (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2010 -B-)
  8. Sen to Rei (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2010 -B-)
  9. endless (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2011 “DocumentaLy”)
  10. “Bach no Senritsu wo Yoru ni Kiita Sei Desu.” (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2011 “DocumentaLy”)
  11. Holy Dance (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2011 “DocumentaLy”)
  12. INORI (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2013 “sakanaction”)
  13. Music (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2013 “sakanaction”)
  14. Inner World (from SAKANATRIBE 2014)
  15. Mikazuki Sunset (from SAKANATRIBE 2014)
  17. Monochrome Tokyo (from SAKANATRIBE 2014)
  18. years (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2015-2016 “NF Records launch tour”)
  19. Neptunes (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2015-2016 “NF Records launch tour”)
  20. Sayonara wa Emotion (from SAKANAQUARIUM 2015-2016 “NF Records launch tour”)

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