Oricon publish their Favorite Artist Ranking for 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, Oricon has finally chosen to publish the results of their annual Favorite Artist poll.  This ranking is based on a survey that the company runs each year which polls 20,000 Japanese citizens of various different age groups in order to acquire a respectable representation of the public’s opinion. While it is likely not totally accurate, the poll remains a very interesting statistic to consider, particularly when compared to the results for previous years.

There have been a number of shifts over the past year, most notably that popular rock band Mr.Children have risen to the top of the ranking for the first time in 8 years.  Many respondents cited the band’s mature musical style and the ‘humanity’ present within their lyrics as key factors for their choice.  Following them at #2 is singer/songwriter Hikaru Utada, who was #5 last year, and well-known idol group Arashi falls to #3 after topping the ranking for 7 consecutive years.  Also of note is the rise of acts back number and Gen Hoshino, who have placed at #6 and #9 respectively, both largely garnering support from Japan’s young people.

Read on below for a look at both the full Favorite Artist ranking and the Demographic breakdowns.

-Oricon Favorite Artist Ranking 2017-

  1. Mr.Children (↑2)
  2. Hikaru Utada (↑3)
  3. Arashi (↓2)
  4. B’z (-)
  5. Ikimonogakari (↓3)
  6. back number (↑10)
  7. Yuzu (-)
  8. Spitz (↑2)
  9. Gen Hoshino (↑29)
  10. SMAP (↓4)
  11. Perfume (↑2)
  12. Kana Nishino (-)
  13. BUMP OF CHICKEN (↑1)
  14. KinKi Kids (↑1)
  15. Namie Amuro (↓4)
  16. GReeeeN (↑11)
  17. AAA (↑13)
  18. TOKIO (-)
  19. Nogizaka46 (↑17)
  20. Kanjani8 (↑3)

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