NEWS to release new single “Ikiro” for 15th anniversary

NEWS will be releasing a new single titled “Ikiro” on September 12, as part of their 15th anniversary celebration. The song is currently used as the theme song of NTV drama “Zero: The Bravest Money Game” starring member Shigeaki Kato. A 15th anniversary special box will also be made available via application at the group’s record wesite. The group will also be holding their “NEWS STADIUM LIVE 2018 ~15th Anniversary~” at Ajinomoto Stadium on August 11 – 12.

The group has performed “Ikiro” in several music specials already such as “The Music Day” and “FNS”. Check out the radio preview and song performance below.

Radio preview



Limited Edition A
*2 panel case with 4 page CD jacket


  1. “Ikiro”
  2. Title Undecided A

DVD Planned to be approx. 20 min
“Ikiro” Music Clip & Making

Limited Edition B
*12 page Booklet


  1. “Ikiro”
  2. Title Undecided A
  3. Kibou ~ Yell ~-Represent NEWS Mix-
  4. Endless Summer -Represent NEWS Mix-

Regular Edition
*3 panel case with 6 page CD jacket


  1. “Ikiro”
  2. Title Undecided A
  3. Title Undecided B
  4. “Ikiro” (Original Karaoke)
  5. Title Undecided A (Original Karaoke)
  6. Title Undecided B (Original Karaoke)

“Ikiro” 15th Anniversary Special Box
*CD + NEWS 15th Anniversary Special Goods


  1. “Ikiro”
  2. Title Undecided (Lyrics by NEWS)
  3. “Ikiro” (Original Karaoke)
  4. Title Undecided (Original Karaoke)

(via J-net)