Namie Amuro to provide theme song for upcoming dorama “Haha ni Naru”

On April 12, the Erika Sawajiri-starring dorama “Haha ni Naru” will begin airing. The story is about a boy who had been abducted for 9 years reuniting with his mother (played by Sawajiri). Namie Amuro has been announced to perform the theme song, “Just You and I”. According to the singer, the song deals with “the selfless love for the significant other, in which the true strength is rooted” and she is glad it resonated with the dorama’s plot well.

This is not the first time the names of Amuro and Sawajiri are stuck together as the former also provided the theme song for First Class 2.

In addition, Amuro has announced two special tour dates for her native Okinawa under the “namie amuro 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA” that is scheduled for September 16-17.

Source: natalie