Music Industry Officials Look Back on 2018 (Part 1)

OTOTOY’s Iida Niichiro

1. Mom – Boyfriend


2. Odotte Bakari no Kuni – Boy


3. KID FRESINO – Coincidence


4. STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE – Subete no Kachi wa Omae no Mae wo Torisugiru feat. Konishi Yasuharu, HATE from MOONSCAPE


5. Pasocom Music Club – Waterfront


6. Omoide Yarou A Team – Tanoshiku Kurasou


7. Have a Nice Day! – Watashi wo Hanarenaide


8. BiSH – stereo future


9. Mayumura Chiaki – Pikkoro Mushi


10. BRADIO – Boom! Boom! Heaven


11.  Kaneko Ayano – Koishii Hibi


12. Limited Express (has gone?) x Robert Yoshino – Bastet Shisutemu


It’s exciting to see so many acts that OTOTOY has championed getting big at once. Regardless of the act’s age or genre, OTOTOY wants everyone to put out good music. OTOTOY wants to be the company that is close the artist and promotes them, creating a lasting relationship between the music and its fans.

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