Momoko Tsugunaga to leave Country Girls and entertainment industry

Playing Manager of idol group Country Girls Momoko Tsugunaga has announced she will graduate from Hello! Project and Country Girls On June 30, 2017 and leave the entertainment industry.

I love idols,” Momoko writes. “If I have to say it accurately, I love being an idol, I love spending everyday with all the fans, and I really enjoyed my activities until now from the bottom of my heart.

When the indefinite suspension of Berryz Kobo had been announced, there had been discussions about her career afterwards, and Momoko was clear she wanted continue to pursue a career as an idol a little while longer with future plans to work in education. Shortly after, Country Girls was formed by former Country Musume member Mai Satoda. Due to the fact Satoda was based out of New York, Momoko was added to the group to guide her juniors for 2 or 3 years.

Through example, Momoko carried Country Girls members through their first years as idols, teaching them what Hello! Project is all about and what it means to be professional idols.

I cherish every single day with the feeling of making them wanting to become lovely idols. Once again when I spent my time with Country Girls members I thought ‘it was fun to teach something to people!’,” she says proudly.

In the past, Momoko expressed her goals of studying education, and plans on devoting herself to studying early childhood education.