LADYBABY Is Back With New Members

Idol group LADYBABY, the idols now formerly known as “The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY“, announced today the addition of three new members with the reveal of a new group photo.

Bringing the group to a solid four members, the three newbies will join Rie Kaneko as LADYBABY, without all that “formerly known as” nonsense. From now on, they’re just LADYBABY.

Pictured from left to right in the header image: Fuka Karasawa (16), Rie Kaneko (20—original member), Nana Ikeda (19), who is active as a model, and Emily Arima (18).

This lineup change comes after original member Rei Kuromiya withdrew from the group following a hiatus due to persistent throat troubles, not wanting to further damage her vocal chords.

The new formation will make their first appearance at first stop of their concert series “TOUR 2018-SADAME-” on March 4 at Music Club JANUS in Osaka.

(via Natalie)