Koki Tanaka & his band INKT are coming to France!

Koki Tanaka’s band INKT revealed in a blog post that they’ll be heading over to France have their very first concert held in Europe! The concert came in fruition thanks to a collaboration with the France based company “Asia Entertainment”, who helps organize an event called the “5th Local Exchange Event” which helps promote cultural exchange between France and Japan.

The concert will take place at the l’ESCALE venue in the city of  Saint-cyr-sur-loire. Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but according to Asia Entertainment there will be an opportunity to meet the band on stage and participate in a fan-signing. The concert will take place on Tuesday October 4th.

Koki made his official debut back in 2006 as a member of the Johnny & Associates group KAT-TUN, in October 2013 his contract was terminated. INKT debuted the following year in 2014 with their self titled album.