Koda Kumi announces 20th anniversary mini-albums “angeL” / “monsteR” [MY NAME IS…]

Koda Kumi has announced the release of two brand new mini-albums, one of the many releases for her 20th anniversary. “angeL [MY NAME IS…]” is said to have a theme of “light”, while the second mini-album “monsteR [MY NAME IS…]” will have the theme of darkness.

The full tracklist hasn’t been revealed yet, but angeL will include the previously released digital singles “Puff”, “I’m lovin”, and “Lucky Star” while monsteR will have “XXKK”. Fans will be able to purchase the separate mini-album on their own, or together in one package. Koda Kumi’s fanclub will also get their own exclusive version of the album.

angeL and monsteR [MY NAME IS…] will be released on December 2nd, 2020, Kumi’s debut single “TAKE BACK” was released on December 6th, 2000! Check out the visuals for the album below: