Kanjani8 teams up with Perfume for Music Station SP

Music Station‘s annual year end show “Music Station Ultra Super Live” recently took place, showcasing some of the top talents Japan’s music scene has to offer. Among the performers was a very special collaboration.

Kanjani8 members You Yokoyama and Shingo Murakami joined the ladies of Perfume to create a special 5 piece unit. Staying true to the theme, You and Shingo wore matching dresses with Perfume, and donned some very cute wigs.

They sang Perfume’s 2010 hit single “Nee“, fitting right in doing Perfume’s signature synchronized choreography. Apparently Arashi member Jun Matsumoto really enjoyed himself watching the performance backstage. Fans also had a very positive reaction to the performance, giving them the nickname “Yokohina“. It became a top trending topic for Japanese Twitter.

Fans were also surprised at their ability to dance in heels, especially Shingo whose heels were 7cm tall. Check out the performance below:

Would you like to see “Yokoko” and “Murako” join Perfume on stage again?

(via mdpr)