Johnnys to produce charity song with special unit composed of 76 artists

In continuation of the charity activities of its “Smile Up! Project”, Johnnys Jimusho announced that they will be releasing a charity song “smile”. A limited time unit “Twenty★Twenty” will be formed consisting of 76 people from 15 groups. Mr. Children’s Sakurai Kazutoshi, who himself is active in a lot of charity works, is in charge of writing and composing the song. Details of the music release will be announced later on.

Sakurai, who wrote and composed the song “smile”, said “I am very honored to be able to participate in this project in the form of providing music. I could write the lyrics because it was based on the assumption that Johnny’s would sing this song.

One of the lines of the song goes “But don’t forget [I can see your smile] That’s the only thing I need to live.” Sakurai added “I think there’s no one better than Johnnys singing this phrase.”

This is not the first time Johnnys has released a charity song. In December 1997 “J-FRIENDS” was formed in support of the Great Hanshin- Awaji earthquake which occurred in January 1995. The unit was active until 2003 and the proceeds were donated to disaster relief activities.

President Johnny Kitagawa, who died last year, has envisioned a grand project to form a limited-time unit Twenty★Twenty for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. With Kitagawa’s passing and the Olympics postponed, producer Takizawa Hideaki is fulfilling his dream with a different purpose and with debuted artists included for the project.


Lyrics and composition: Sakurai Kazutoshi
Producer: Takizawa Hideaki
Executive Producer: Julie K. Fujishima

KinKi Kids
Yamashita Tomohisa
Hey! Say! JUMP
Sexy Zone
Johnny’s WEST
King & Prince
Snow Man

(via Oricon)