J-electropop singer SAWA releases new MV for “Oboroge Dancing”

SAWA has released a new music video for her track Oboroge Dancing, originally a digital single, Oboroge Dancing will also be featured on her ninth mini-album Ijippari Mermaid which will be released on February 13th, 2017. In the video SAWA does a cute dance routine behind what seems to be a filter found on various smartphone apps like Meitu or Instagram.

SAWA originally made her debut in May 2008 with the digital single Discovery , and has since became a staple in the J-electro scene releasing a string of mini-albums and digital singles. Her sole studio album Welcome to Sa-World was released in 2010. Ijippari Mermaid has 9 tracks in total, including a collaboration with former Hello!Project member Noto Arisa. The cover and tracklist for Ijippari Mermaid, as well as the full MV for “Oboroge Dancing” can be seen below.


  1. Ijippari Mermaid (いじっぱりマーメイド)
  2. Koishite Hoshikute (恋してほしくて)
  3. SetMeFree feat. Noto Arisa
  4. Colorful World (カラフルワールド)
  5. Oboroge Dancing Interlude -KOTO Toui Kakekko- (おぼろげダンシン Interlude -KOTOとおいかけっこ-)
  6. Oboroge Dancing (おぼろげダンシン)
  7. Wanabia Wana feat. MIRI from Rhymeberry (ワナビア罠)
  8. CandyGirl Interlude -YANAKIKU Uchi Kubi no Ran- (CandyGirl Interlude -YANAKIKU打ち首ノ乱-)
  9. CandyGirl