Hey! Say! JUMP takes on cosplay in “COSMIC☆HUMAN” music video

Hey! Say! JUMP released their latest single “COSMIC☆HUMAN” last August 1. The title track is the theme song for the NTV’s late night drama “Tokyo Alien Brothers” starring member Inoo Kei. This will also be the last single Okamoto Keito takes part of before taking a break to study in New York by September.

The positive song takes on themes of humanity’s weakness, strength, strangeness, difficulty, and universal love paired with a melody line like a blue sky that goes on forever come together to create “Minna no Uta” a song that will help take a firm step forward into the future. Check out the released music video which feature the members cosplaying different characters such as a delivery man, doctor, salaryman, astronaut and more!


[First-run limited edition 1]
★Lyrics booklet enclosed (16 pages planned)

2. Go My Way
3. Go My Way (original karaoke track)

・“COSMIC☆HUMAN” music video + making-of

[First-run limited edition 2]
★Lyrics booklet enclosed (24 pages planned)

2. “Yancha na Hero” Hey! Say! 7
3. “Yancha na Hero” (original karaoke track)

・”Yancha na Hero” music video + making-of

[Regular edition]

2. SWEET or HOT?
3. ルーレット (Ruuretto)
4. Draw My Life!
5. COSMIC☆HUMAN (original karaoke track)
6. SWEET or HOT? (original karaoke track)
7. ルーレット (Ruuretto) (original karaoke track)
8. Draw My Life! (original karaoke track)