GACKT releases bloody MV for Tsumi no Keisho – ORIGINAL SIN –

J-rock superstar GACKT has released his latest video for his 49th single “Tsumi no Keisho – ORIGINAL SIN –“. The MV starts with GACKT strapped down to a chair setting a very ominous tone, a splash of blood suddenly hits the wall. The scene then transitions to a bunch of men being violently murdered by an unknown woman. The only person left in the room is a little boy…ending with a not-so-surprising “twist”.

The MV will definitely catch the interest of both GACKT and horror movie enthusiasts. ┬áTsumi no Keisho – ORIGINAL SIN – will be released on March 22nd, 2017. Covers for the single, and the full MV can be seen below.

Limited Edition CD+DVD


Regular edition