Final Fantasy soundtracks now available on Apple Music & Spotify

Good news for fans of the legendary RPG series Final Fantasy, the soundtracks from the beloved games are now available for streaming, worldwide!! Some soundtracks from select games are missing, but all the big ones are there. These include “Final Fantasy VII”, “Final Fantasy VIII”, “Final Fantasy X”, and “Final Fantasy VI”.

It is currently available on the two primary music streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music. Earlier in the year fellow Japanese developer Capcom surprised fans by making music from “Street Fighter”, “Resident Evil”, and “Mega Man” available. Thankfully Square Enix has decided to follow suit.

Fans can find the soundtracks by searching for “Nobuo Uematsu” on their preferred streaming service. Besides Final Fantasy, Nubuo was worked on the soundtrack for a plethora of beloved games and series’ including “Romancing SaGa”, “Chrono Trigger”, and “Granblue Fantasy”.

Along with the game play, captivating stories, and memorable characters the music of Final Fantasy has always been a highlight throughout the series. What are some of your favorite Final Fantasy songs?