FEMM, FAKY and Yup’in combine to create FAMM’IN… with mindblowing results

Dance duo FEMM, girl group FAKY and soloist Yup’in have combined to make a strange and amazing super-group of sorts- “FAMM’IN”, and have released their first single “Circle”. It has a brilliant blend of modern EDM and R’n’B with an overwhelming element of traditional Japanese music, and the final result speaks for itself. Watch after the jump!

The track “Circle” is available on the EP “FAMM’IN” that features the collaboration song and 3 other separate songs- one from each individual artist. It also has a fifth track- a ‘Radical Hardcore Mix’ of Circle. The EP is currently available on Japanese iTunes and other digital outlets.

The tracklist is as follows:

01. circle / FAMM’IN
02. Pretty / FAKY
03. Countdown / FEMM
04. Lemonade / Yup’in
05. circle (Radical Hardcore Remix) / FAMM’IN

FAMM’IN is out now.