Faint⋆Star release the PV to their club banger “Never Ever”

Idol duo Faint⋆Star are releasing their fourth single “Never Ever” on April 9th. The A-side serves as the theme song to the movie Dokumushi, premiering in theaters the same day. The music video, directed by DJ 2BOY, features members Hina and Yuria performing complex arm choreography amid dynamic special effects that lend a cool atmosphere. Check out the music video and single info after the jump!


  1. Never Ever (ネヴァエバ)
  2. Hoozuki
  3. Ms.Question
  4. Never Ever – ☆Taku Takahashi Remix –
  5. DESTRUCTION – Ikeuchi Yoshikatsu Remix –

“Never Ever” Music Video:

Faint⋆Star debuted in 2013 and released their first single “koboreteshimattamizunoyouni” in 2014. Hina is a former member of the three-member idol group Tomato n’Pine. Learn more about Faint⋆Star on their official site, or follow Hina’s and Yuria’s Twitter accounts!