E-Girls Anna Suda, YURINO and Yuzuna Takebe Form Hip-Hop Unit Sudannayuzuyuri

The girls of LDH have been keeping quite busy this year and from the looks of things they show no signs of stopping. From performing in their original groups (Happiness, Flower and Dream) to the super group of E-Girls, what more can they possibly do? Split into more groups! First the Fujii sisters gave us ShuuKaRen; now we have SudannaYuzuYuri.

SudannaYuzuYuri is a hip-hop concept made up of Happiness members Anna Suda, YURINO and E-Girls vocalist/performer Yuzuna Takebe. Avex has uploaded the teaser to their first single “OH BOY” to their youtube page. Come and hear the clip.



  1. OH BOY
  2. First Time
  3. Konnichi What’s Up
  4. OH BOY (instrumental)
  5. First Time (instrumental)
  6. Konnichi What’s Up (instrumental)


OH BOY” will be released 3.1. 2017. SudannaYuzuYuri is under Avex‘s subsidiary Rhythm Zone.