Daisuke Yamamori to release Self-Produced Mini-Album “Gin no Pistol”

Singer/songwriter Daisuke Yamamori released his latest mini-album, “Gin no Pistol”, this past week on May 9th.  In addition to handling the more typical songwriting duties, Yamamori also performed, mixed, mastered, and produced the entire release on his own.  Another mini-album, this one to focus more on the band-based side of his sound, will be coming early this winter.

“Gin no Pistol” includes five new tracks from Yamamori, among them the ‘painful’ love song “Full Moon no Kanojo” and a self-cover of “Can’t U See?”, a song which he originally wrote for idol group Kanjani8.  Animated music videos for both the title track and “Full Moon no Kanojo” have been uploaded to Yamamori’s Youtube channel.

Read on below to find both of these PVs, as well as the cover and complete track list for “Gin no Pistol”.

-’Gin no Pistol’ Track List-

  1. Gin no Pistol
  2. Radio La La La
  3. Can’t U See?
  4. Dance Baby Dance
  5. Full Moon no Kanojo
  6. Gin no Pistol -Acoustic Version-

(via natalie)