Check out the preview for Yamashita Tomohisa’s double A-side single “Reason/ Never Lose”

Before his newest drama airs next season, Yamashita Tomohisa will be releasing a double A -side single “Reason/ Never Lose” on February 13. Both songs are opening theme songs for “Ace Attorney 2”. In January, the OP of the anime series was changed to “Reason”.

The music video for “Reason” was largely shot in monochrome. Yamapi participated in writing of the song, depicting the struggle to search for an answer. “Never Lose” has a lot of shots in kaleidoscope.

Check out the short ver MV for “Reason” and the preview for “Never Lose” below.


Limited Edition A (Reason/Never Lose) [CD + DVD + 12P Booklet]
M1. Reason
M2. Never Lose
M3. Reason -Instrumental-
M4. Never Lose – Instrumental-
“Reason” Music Video

Limited Edition B (Never Lose/Reason) [CD + DVD + 12P Booklet]
M1. Never Lose
M2. Reason
M3. Never Lose -Instrumental-
M4. Reason – Instrumental-
“Never Lose” Music Video

Regular Edition (Reason/Never Lose) [CD]

M1. Reason
M2. Never Lose
M3.Like A Movie
M4. Without You

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