C-ute give their final goodbyes upon disbandment

Today marks the graduation and disbandment of Hello!Project girl group C-ute. The concert titled “℃ute Last Concert in Saitama Super Arena ~Thank you team℃-ute~” took place at the legendary Saitama Super Arena venue.

Over 30,000 fans came together to witness the groups last performance as five. Fans started lining up the night before the concert just for the merchandise table, by 8:00am the line had already reached over 1,400 people (doors opened at 4:30 PM). Fans who couldn’t make the show could still enjoy the concert at home if they have a subscription to “SKY PerfecTV!”, where the concert was streamed live.

The other six Hello!Project groups supported their senpais by serving as the opening acts for the concert. The main show began with one of the a-sides on their last single “The Curtain Rises”. Highlights including each girl performing the lead vocals in one song (Mai even wore her classic sunglasses for one of the performances) and a special MC with past Hello!Project leaders. Nakazawa Yuko, Sayumi Michishige, and ANGERME’s Ayaka Wada joined the girls on stage where Ayaka tearfully accepted the role of Hello!Project leader from Maimi Yajima.

Guests that attended the concert included Tsunku, Erina Mano, PINK CRES, Kanon Fukuda, Rino Sashihara, Yuki Kashiwagi, and Momoiro Clover Z. All three graduated C-ute members Erika Umeda, Kanna Arihara, and Megumi Maurakami were also in attendance. Over 36 songs were performed in total, spanning their entire career. The setlist is as follows:

Opening Act
1.Tsubaki Factory – Hatsukoi Sun Rise
2.Kobushi Factory – Zanshin
3.Country Girls – Peanuts Butter Jelly Love.
4. Juice=Juice – Goal
5. ANGERME – Aisae Areba Nannimo Iranai
6. Morning Musume 17 – Ai no Gundan

Main Show
1. The Curtain Rises
2. Kiss Me Aishiteru
3. The Middle Management
4. Tokaikko Junjyou
5. Wakkyanai (Z)
6. Momoiro Sparkling
7. Ookina Ai de Motenashite
8. Kokorono Sakebi wo Utanishitemita
9. Sakura Chirari
10. Campus Life
11. Kimi wa Jitensya watashi wa densha de kitaku
12. Summer Wind
VTR C-ute history
13. Everyday Yeah! Kataomoi (Mai sunglasses, a nod to their indie days)
14. Shiritsu Kyougaku (Nakky lead)
15. Bokura no Kagayaki (Chisato lead)
16. Shock! (Airi lead)
17: Massare Blue Jeans (Maimi lead)
MC with Past H!P Leaders
18: Jinsei wa STEP
19: Mugen Climax
20: Crazy Kanzen na Otona.
21: Forever Love
22. Namida no Iro
MC Airi and Nakky get everyone to do the “wave”
23: Adam to Eve no Dilemma
24: Kanashiki Heaven
25: Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight
26: Jyounetsu Ecstasy
MC: Call and Response time
27: Cho Wonderful
28: Dance de Bakoon!
29: Sekai ichi Happy na Onnna no ko.
30: Iron heart
31: Final Squall

32: Singing Anokoro no youni
33: Shines
34: To tomorrow

Double Encore
35: JUMP
36: Tadoritsuita Onna senshi (Acappella)

The concert was finished 9:10 PM, a nod to “C-ute day” (September 10th)

(via mdpr & jplop)

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