Bokutachi no iru tokoro. bring back nostalgic memories with new music video

The band that brought one of last years most exhilarating and surprising rock albums have just dropped the first music video from their long awaited new album. Announced all the way back in October last year, the album “Gomi” is finally almost here- due out on May 2. The new single ‘Danbooru Kanojo’ continues their trend of bringing classic, dirty rock to the scene and the video really pushes that image to the forefront. Watch here:

It’s hard not to be transported back to the time when the long missed Midori were in their prime here- the raw, punk attitude and imagery are truly something that has been missing in the Japanese rock scene and Bokutachi no iru tokoro. (yes, the full stop is part of their name) sure have it hammered down. It will be truly exciting to hear what this band have in store for us next.

“Gomi” is available on May 2 through Bridge records. It marks their second majorly distributed release since last years ‘Konoyo ni Umarete Kita Koto ga Somosomo Machigai datta kara’. The album cover and track-list have been released:


1. Moeru Gomi
2. Menhera Kiraishi ne
3. Ai Love March
4. Pappara
5. Ai Towa
6. Yada na
7. Danbooru Kanojo
8. Gomen Nasai
9. Ai Towa (Acoustic ver.)
10. Mushakusha Shite feat. Ishii Motako/Nakabayashi Kirara (from Oshiri Penpens)