Arashi releases “I’ll be there” PV

Arashi just released their latest single “I’ll be there” last April 19! The song is currently used as the theme song of the Fuji TV’s getus9 drama “Kizoku Tantei” starring Aiba Masaki as an aristocratic detective whose age, address, and family remains unknown. The cool, colorful and dynamic song links to the drama’s mysterious world.

Arashi are dressed to match! Catch their latest music video below.

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“I’ll be there” TRACKLIST


[First-run limited edition]
・16-page lyrics booklet enclosed

1. I’ll be there
Lyrics: Goro.T/Music: Fredrik“Figge”Bostrom, 佐原康太/Arrangement: 佐原康太, metropolitan digital clique

2. Round and Round
Lyrics: Funk Uchino/Music: Christofer Erixon, Josef Melin/Arrangement: Josef Melin

M3. Round and Round (original karaoke track)

“I’ll be there” music video + making-of


[Regular edition]
M1. I’ll be there

M2. unknown
Lyrics: Macoto56/Rap lyrics: Sho Sakurai/Music: AI Swettenham, HIKARI/Arrangement: 吉岡たく

M3. Treasure of life
Lyrics: Tutti/Music: Erik Lidbom, Simon Janlöv/Arrangement: Simon Janlöv

M4. I’ll be there (original karaoke track)
M5. unknown (original karaoke track)
M6. Treasure of life (original karaoke track)

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