AKB48 subunit DiVA will disband after album and Tetsuya Komuro single

After two and a half years of inactivity, Oricon reports it was decided AKB48 subunit DiVA will return with a brand new song from legendary producer Tetsuya Komuro.

This news was announced Wednesday on AKB48’s evening time slot for radio program ‘All Night Nippon’ by group members Sae Miyazawa and Ayaka Umeda. But with this exciting development comes change and most likely disappointment.

The group will change their name from DiVA to DIVA, release a single, an album, hold a live and finally disband officially.

Conceived as AKB48’s “first-ever” dance & vocal unit, DiVA debuted under avex trax with ‘Tsuki no Uragawa’ in 2011 with Sayaka Akimoto, Sae Miyazawa, Ayaka Umeda and Yuka Masuda and released two more singles until they went inactive in 2012. Former member Yuka Masuda left in 2013 but will return for this single.

The group’s fourth and final single will be released October 8th.