Mr.Children to perform the Theme Song for the upcoming TV Asahi drama “Hagetaka”

Following a quiet few months, it’s just been announced that popular rock band Mr.Children will be providing the theme song for the upcoming summer drama “Hagetaka”.  The drama, which stars Go Ayano, Atsuro Watabe, Erika Sawajiri, and Kaoru Kobayashi, is set during turbulent economic times in Japan and centers around the exploits of Masahiko Washizu (Ayano), a man in charge of a foreign investment fund and the titular ‘vulture’.

The theme song, titled “SINGLES”, has been described as an up-tempo track with a peculiar atmosphere.  When asked to comment, singer Kazutoshi Sakurai has said that the song was born from the intersection of the various feelings he experienced while reading over the script, chief among them sorrow, loneliness, and a fierce undercurrent of strength.

There have been no details provided about the song’s release as of yet, so expect further details about that in the future.  You will, however, be able to hear “SINGLES” when the drama begins airing on July 19th.  A short preview of the track can also be found right after the cut.


(via natalie)