Mika Ninagawa releases new book, exhibition space featuring Shiina Ringo, Chiaki Kuriyama, Namie Amuro and more

Famed and critically lauded photographer Mika Ninagawa has opened a new exhibition space on the B3 floor of central Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills shopping complex. The exhibition ties in with the release of her latest photo-book “FASHION EXCLUSIVE” and runs from the 23rd of April to the 8th of May.

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The exhibition is a selection of 85 of Mika Ninagawa’s most striking works, which invoke a sense of beauty and life, featuring many Japanese and international celebrities as her subjects. The highly photogenic musician Shiina Ringo (who last year worked with Ninagawa for an issue of Vogue) is the subject of some of the works on display, among other big celebrity names such as Namie Amuro, Chiaki Kuriyama, Anna Tsuchiya, Tina Tamashiro, Fan Bingbing, AyaBambi, Erika Sawajiri (plus many more), who will no doubt be one of the major draws to the exhibition. Exclusive goods and souvenirs are also available for sale in the exhibition space.

‘FASHION EXCLUSIVE’ is available now, in both regular and special editions. The book is full color and 112 pages, at A4 size. The special edition is limited to 200 copies.

REGULAR (3,500 yen plus tax):

LIMITED (4,500 yen plus tax):

Give the exhibition a visit if you can! After-all, it’s FREE OF CHARGE.