METAFIVE to release new live Blu Ray and CD set

Takahashi Yukihiro’s (YMO) supergroup METAFIVE (also featuring Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), Towa Tei, Sunahara Yoshinori, Gondō Tomohiko and Leo Imai). are set to release their first live recording, “METALIVE” in August this year.  Taken from their one man live at EX THEATRE ROPPONGI on 21st of January, the Blu Ray will also feature music videos and an audio CD. See the tracklist and more details below the jump!

METAFIVE’s “METALIVE” has not yet got an official cover revealed.

01. Opening SE
02. Albore
03. Maisie’s Avenue
04. Gravetrippin’
05. Luv U Tokio
06. Split Spirit
07. Anodyne
08. W.G.S.F
09. Turn Turn
10. Radio Junk
11. Whiteout
12. Radio
13. Key
14. Don’t Move
15. Threads
16. Disaster Baby
17. Luv Pandemic
18. Cue
19. Luv U Tokio(Promotion Video)
20. Don’t Move(Studio Live Version)
21. Maisie’s Avenue(Studio Live Version)

The CD contains audio tracks of select performances from the set.

Yes, the set is only available in Blu Ray format, there are no DVD versions confirmed.

METALIVE is available from August 17 from all the usual places. It is 7,020 yen including tax. Preorders are now open.

Revisit the stunning “Luv U Tokio” MV while you wait!