Member Changes within E-girls Are Announced

Today, it was announced that vocalist Ichiki Kyoka will be leaving E-girls, as well as her group within E-girls, Flower. Kyoka is not only leaving E-girls and Flower, but she’s also retiring from the entertainment industry to live life as a regular girl. The other members of Flower had a hard time coming to terms with Kyoka’s decision, but accepted it in the end. Flower will continue on as a 6-member group, with Washio Reina as their only vocalist.

Also, Erie will no longer be a performer within E-girls and Dream, but instead will support them as a dj. She’s been thinking about doing this for 2 years, and sees it as a new challenge for herself. Dream’s Aya, E-girls’ leader, said that Erie being the group’s dj will take E-girls to a new level.