Meet Happening Girls

In Japan, idols live with strict rules of conduct. God forbid if any of them start dating, it will be all over the newspapers and internet websites faster than they can blink. However where most groups live with a code of general secrecy around such matters – a particular no-no is dating a fan – this group is interesting because it’s designed specifically for that.

Meet Happening Girls, a group of swimsuit idols who debuted on the 23rd of September with a live event at AkibaDrug and Cafe. These girls are allowed to form relationships with their fans, and in fact it’s encouraged.  The four members depicted here are to soon be joined by a rota of girls who will take their turn as band members.

There are of course, still conditions with regards to dating one of these girls. According to Kandou TV show spokesman Teruki Aoki: ‘How they get on and how far they go is up to them. But they’re contracted to let us into their private life and share in their relationship. ‘They’re free to have fun, develop, date and even marry if they want to. We’ll be there to record the marriage aptitude interviews and we’d be delighted to arrange the wedding.”

This group will only appear in public wearing swimsuit bikinis as, according to their official page, ‘Men love swimsuits and there are no swimsuit idol groups in existence anywhere’

The current line up include, as per the picture below Manaka (20), Saaya (22), Kaori (26), and Eri (25).

Happening Girls are also taking applications from any young women who are interested in joining. The conditions are that the applicants must be at least in their first year of high school, they must be aged between 17 and 30 years of age. They must live in the Tokyo area and be able to attend all live appearance events. Above all, they must be comfortable singing and dancing in a swimsuit.

According to Mr Aoki “There are lots of idol groups in Japan but until now there are none wearing swimsuits and what young male fan wouldn’t like to see their idol in a bikini?”

Via RocketNews, DailyMail and GirlsVIP