Maki Horikita and Koji Yamamoto got married!

Today, it has been reported that actress Maki Horikita (26) and actor Koji Yamamoto (38) got married and are now living together after only 2 months of dating!

The two of them got to know each other 6 years ago, when they both played roles in Fuji TV’s Tuesday 9 PM drama “Atashinchi no Danshi”.

This May, they performed as a couple in the Japanese version of famous stage play “Wuthering Heights” (Arashigaoka) and fell in love.

According to staff, they started dating in June and have been living together since early August. Today, they registered their marriage at the metropolian ward office through an attorney. This has been confirmed by their respective agencies.

We here at Arama! Japan wish them the best on their wedding day.

(via Yahoo Headlines)