Kubota Masataka to play the tragic ‘Kaneki Ken’ in the Tokyo Ghoul live-action adaptation

Earlier, it has been announced on the volume 7 release of Tokyo Ghoul:re that there will be a live-action adaptation for the famous Tokyo Ghoul. Written by Ishida Sui, it has sold a total of 18 million copies and has been animated in 2014. After speculations by netizens of who is going to play the complex character of Kaneki Ken, it has been announced that the actor Kubota Masataka will play the lead role.


Creator, Ishida Sui, mentioned in his official twitter before that even before, he has already portrayed Kaneki Ken to be acted by a certain actor given a chance that it will be adapted into a live-action. After the announcement, the details about this has been unleashed. He first saw Kubota in ‘Bokutachi wa Sekai wo Kaeru Koto ga Dekinai’ and made him thought that if Kaneki lives in this world, Kubota is the perfect person to portray him.

He has been notable to his role as Yagami Light in Death Note and his appearances in other dramas such as Mars and N no Tame ni.

In addition to the announcement, actress Fumika Shimizu will portray Kirishima Touka. She has been notable in her role in Kamen Rider Fourze.


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Source: modelpress