Kingdom gets a live-action short featuring Kento Yamazaki for its 10th anniversary

Yasuhisa Hara‘s historical war manga Kingdom started its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump 10 years ago. For its 10th anniversary celebration, Shueisha filmed a 3-minute long live-action short in Hengdian World Studios in China featuring Kento Yamazaki (Your Lie in April, Orange) as the lead protagonist, Xin. The short is set to premiere on  the manga’s anniversary website in April 18, and on FujiTV’s Ariyoshi Hiroiki no Daretoku!?  in April 19. The production revealed four stills from the short which you can see after the jump!

Kingdom is a fictionalized account of the Chinese warring states period that spans from 475-221 BC—around 400 years before the more famous three kingdoms period. The story revolves around Xin, a war orphan from the states of Qin who aims to become the world’s greatest war general and his camaraderie with Ying Zheng, Qin’s young emperor who eventually becomes the first emperor of China. The manga was well-known for its grand and epic war sequences.

Ever since it came out on Weekly Young Jump in 2006, Kingdom has spawned two seasons of anime adaptation bu Studio Pierrot, respectively on June 2012 and June 2013. Currently, the manga is running on its 470th chapter, with 41 volumes of manga published to date (the 42nd due out on April 19).

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(via AnimeNewsNetwork)