Kimura Takuya, Beat Takeshi and Hugh Jackman for “ReBORN” CM

SMAP’s Kimura Takuya, Beat Takeshi, and Hugh Jackman star in Toyota “ReBORN” latest taiga series CM. The CM started airing December 18.

The original setting from the Warring States period shifts to modern Japan setting. Kimura plays Nobunaga Oda while Beat Takeshi is dressed as Hideyoshi Toyotomi. While riding the ship, thinking of their ambitions and future visions for Japan, a mysterious sailor suddenly appeared. Hugh Jackman plays Marco Polo, the identity behind the mysterious sailor.

The story shows the meeting of the reincarnation of these historical figures, then traveling to enjoy the drive in “ReBORN”. Check out their rare collaboration below.

(via Oricon)