Keyakizaka46 center Yurina Hirate halts activities due to sacroiliac joint instability

It has been announced that Keyakizaka46 member Yurina Hirate is currently suffering from sacroiliac joint instability. The announcement was made on the groups official website. As a result, Hirate will not be able to participate in dance performances with her group.

According to spine-health one of the causes of sacroiliac joint instability can be too little movement.

One of the other causes is at the other end of the spectrum, and most likely applies to Hirate. Sacroiliac joint instability can also be caused by too much movement:

(hypermobility or instability) in the sacroiliac joint can cause the pelvis to feel unstable and lead to pain. Pain from too much motion is typically felt in the lower back and/or hip, and may radiate into the groin area.

Activities that place repeated stress on joints can also be a factor.

This hasn’t been a lucky year for Hirate, she suffered from minor injuries throughout the year but in September she accidentally fell off stage during a concert performance. The fall was just over 6 feet.

It’s unknown how many year-end shows Hirate will not perform in, but her management stated she will only resume activities once she’s in “perfect” condition. Hirate has held the center position in all 7 of Keyakizaka46’s singles.