Ken Watabe & Nozomi Sasaki Announce Marriage

On April 9’s live episode of “Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjo SP”, Ken Watabe from comedy duo Unjash announced his plan to wed Nozomi Sasaki.

Sasaki also joined in on the conversation through telephone.  When asked by Ryuucheru what his marriage proposal was, Watabe replied, “Since there is an age gap between us, I said, ‘I promise to live long, so please marry me.'”  Sasaki is 29 and Watabe is 44.

After the show aired, Watabe and Sasaki shared a joint comment via fax from their agencies: “We decided to take this step because want to continue walking down this path together, by laughing over small things and supporting each other when we are down.  Although we are still new to this, we hope to work together and create a household that is filled with joyful laughter.”