Kazumasa Oda pens a new song for the latest NTT Higashi Nihon Commercial

Following up on the success of his compilation album last year, popular singer/songwriter Kazumasa Oda has revealed that he’s written a brand new track to be used in the new NTT East commercial.  This CM is based around the idea that “Together, we’ll try our hardest” and stars baseball player Ichiro Suzuki of the Miami Marlins, showcasing his workout routine and how he constantly works to improve himself.

While the song used in the commercial has yet to be titled, it features a strong cast of performers, with Yoshiyuki Sahashi on guitar, Nathan East on bass, Mansaku Kimura on drums, Takako Matsu providing choral vocals, and the Kinbara Strings Group handling all remaining stringed instruments.  A second version of this CM, featuring a different portion of the song, will be made available on Friday.

Read on below to take a listen to Kazumasa Oda’s latest track, and look forward to further information about its release in the future.


(via natalie)