KAT-TUN to enter into temporary hiatus after Dome Tour on May 1

It was announced that KAT-TUN will be entering a “re-charging” period after their Tokyo Dome concert on May 1. Members Kamenashi Kazuya, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi made the announcement via a video published at Jweb.

In the video message, Kamenashi stated that after May 1, they will be entering a charging period as a group. It was also emphasized that it is not a disbandment but a “recharging” period.

The group released their new single TRAGEDY on Feb 10, their next single UNLOCK will be released on March 2 and their Best of Album “KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary BEST 10Ks” has been announced (released date TBA). It was previously announced that Taguchi Junnosuke will leave the group at the end of March and the three remaining members will hold their first 3-Dome Tour “KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary LIVE TOUR 10Ks” starting at Nagoya Dome on April 3 and ending at Tokyo Dome on May 1.

The messages from the members, as posted in Jweb, can be found below.


kat-tun jweb

Kamenashi Kazuya = K
Ueda Tatsuya = U
Nakamaru Yuichi = N

KAT-TUN’s Jnet Video 2016.02.13

[0:00] K: Hello everyone
[0:02] KUN: We’re KAT-TUN
[0:03] K: This time, from KAT-TUN, we’ve an announcement
[0:07] N: Yes
[0:08] K: There is something we want to tell you. We, KAT-TUN, after our concert on 1 May, our group will be entering a recharging period
[0:17] N: This means that we will be putting down our group activities for this period, and focusing our time on our solo activities
[0:25] U: We do not mean that we’re disbanding, right?
[0:27] K: There will be no disbandment
[0:27] U: Yep (no disbandment)
[0:28] K: We’ve to make this point clear – there is no disbandment. We are doing this for the future of KAT-TUN, we need this time for our group
[0:38] N: We made this decision after careful thinking
[0:42] U: We thought through it
[0:42] K: We thought through it
[0:44] N: Though I think maybe it’s best for us to continue like now, when we look at this in the longer term, taking into consideration the current situation
[0:52] K: In these ten years of activities, we have brought people a lot of troubles. Hence as a group, here we made a decision, which will take us some time
[1:05] U: The recharge that we’ve mentioned here, it’s like the word itself. We are accumulating our powers
[1:09] K: Yes
[1:10] U: And when we gather together again, it will “wa!” explode out
[1:12] K: Though we are going on with our solo activities, we are carrying the name of “KAT-TUN” with us
[1:19] N: Please don’t misunderstand. That’s why we want to convey our feelings to you
[1:24] K: Please support us in our solo activities
[1:27] N: If you’re feeling lonely, please give me a call
[1:32] K: We hope to present a more reliable us the next time we meet you, we will work hard.
[1:36] N: Yes
[1:37] K: KAT-TUN will be having our tour starting from 3 April, we will see all of you there. We hope you can feel our bond and deep love, as we go into our 11th year, our new beginning. Please definitely come. And we have our album
[1:54] N: Our best album
[1:55] K: It will be on sale soon. Please definitely, definitely, buy. We hope to celebrate our 10th anniversary with everyone. That’s all
[2:02] KUN: We’re KAT-TUN


Kazuya Kamenashi

As of May 1st, we, KAT-TUN, will be entering a period in which to charge our batteries! It has been ten years since we set sail on this ship called KAT-TUN.
All the while we tossed about various waves, we have truly moved forward alongside our many friends. We are so grateful.
We have discussed that, beyond this point, we need to clearly pick out a path and head into the future as individuals.

Each of us steadily carries this group called KAT-TUN on his shoulders. Each of us gives it strength. Devoting time. That’s what KAT-TUN needs right now. One year later, or two years later. When KAT-TUN sets sail again, in order for us to be reliable, and in order for many people to continue anxiously awaiting our new departure, I would like to face this as KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi.

I want to get together with everyone one more time and deepen our bond..
Here’s to meeting up for our rendezvous..
On this ship called KAT-TUN!!
Let’s go!!

Tatsuya Ueda

Upon talking things over between the three of us, we, KAT-TUN, have decided to enter a time in which to recharge our batteries.
Our 10th anniversary dome tour will mark our break.
We have taken a good, long look at this group called KAT-TUN.
We feel that, during this recharge period, we want to rise to the next level as individuals, and when the time is ripe, to come together and stand before you again as the group KAT-TUN. That’s how we feel.
Of course, even as we immerse ourselves in our individual activities, I would like to treasure my bond with all of KAT-TUN’s fans, as well as other members.
We will work hard so that we can come together again as soon as possible and make a fresh start. It’s a promise!
Everyone, please wait for us!
As we recharge, and beyond that as well..
I hope all of you will support us!!

Yuichi Nakamaru

To all of our fans.
With KAT-TUN’s concert tour this year as a turning point, we have decided to focus on solo activities for a set amount of time and suspend our group activities. When we considered the group’s current situation and how we should proceed from here on, we came to the conclusion that each member needs to grow individually. We think that, as a group, this is a time for us to “recharge our batteries”, a time we need in order to aim for the group image we consider ideal. I’m sorry that we’re telling you this in such a unilateral way, but I hope that all of you, who’ve always supported our group, will understand our decision. We hope for your ongoing support, as always, for the three of us. Yuichi Nakamaru.

Below are the recent releases from TRAGEDY single, before the group makes their hiatus in the coming months.



UNLOCK radio rip



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